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Neurotherapy HealthCare Clinic has a multidisciplinary treatment that combines each of our specialties to achieve better and faster recovery of our patients. We care about recovering and maximizing the well-being of your back and spine so that you get perfect physical functioning without any type of ailment. After having treated thousands of patients with back pain and our back pain doctor obtained excellent results.

    We offer the most effective treatment against:
  • Lower Back Pain Treatment
  • Herniated disc: Lumbar hernia and Cervical hernia
  • Scoliosis, kyphosis and other postural problems
  • Subluxation and dislocation and spinal joints

Most people suffer from some type of back pain at a time in their life. Exercise or bodywork is the most common. However, sometimes it is a sign of a more serious health condition. The next section will explore some of the most frequent conditions that can cause back pain. The selection of the best type of health professional or team of health professionals depends to a large extent, on the symptoms of the patients and the amount of time during which the symptoms have been present. So, we assure you to give the best back pain treatment with our professional and experienced team of Doctors.

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we see the disease and it’s cures according to functions of the body system i.e. digestive system, respiratory system, circulatory system, endocrine system etc.
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